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The Linea Micra elevates any kitchen to café-status.

A compact, easy-to-use home espresso machine with the powerful performance worthy of the La Marzocco name. Designed as a scaled-down version of the Linea Classic S, the Linea Micra combines a dynamic feature set and small body that allows you to explore the world of espresso. Easy setup, quick heat-up time, and all the essential tools, the Linea Micra makes dialing in your morning routine simple. Clean lines and timeless aesthetic inspired by a long line of espresso icons. Micra includes seven colours to choose from, elevating any home kitchen to café-status. Thanks to its new electronic board, the Linea Micra can now be connected to the internet and controlled through the new La Marzocco Home App, available on AppStore and GooglePlay.


Small & Mighty

Café-quality equipment packaged into a compact 34 x 29 x 39 cm form. It’s easy to make Micra the centrepiece of the kitchen.

Ready, Set, Brew

Dial in your morning routine. A quick heat-up time, simple setup, and all the tools you need to enjoy café-quality espresso at home.

Temperature Stability

Dual boilers, an integrated grouphead, and PID control combine to create commercial-grade temperature stability that ensures brewing temperature is always right.

Essential Features

Convertible Portafilter

Easy to clean and ready for any occasion, the Linea Micra’s three-in-one convertible portafilter quickly changes between single-spout, double-spout, and bottomless.

Brew Paddle

Brew paddle activation on the Linea Micra combines the timeless design of the mechanical paddle with the reliability of an electric switch.

Insulated Steam Wand

Powerful steam and cool to the touch. An all-new steam wand design makes steaming milk a breeze.

Drip Tray

A secure, easy-to-remove magnetic drip tray keeps your countertop clean.

Easy-fill Reservoir

A self-contained 2-litre water reservoir with easy access makes plumbing your machine optional.

Hot Water Spout

Rinsing the portafilter between shots is simple and quick with a convenient spout.


Technical Specifications

Boiler Type
Dual Boiler
Dual PID Temperature Controller
Pump Type
Single Internal Rotary Pump
Indicator Lights
Heating and Water Level Lights
19kgs (machine only)
Steam Boiler
1.6 litres
Water Reservoir Capacity
2 litres

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Linea Micra
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