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building our dream from the ground up

construct a mobile cart for the linea mini

Let’s see how we might lay the foundation for taking our Linea Mini and setting it up… well, anywhere!

We want to make a mobile espresso bar, but where to start? The espresso machine is ready for action but now we need the bar. Our setup may evolve as the journey progresses but there is so much to learn that keeping it simple and flexible is the best way to get things going.

what are the basics?

Before we can look at making drinks there are some foundational elements to consider. 

  • Table. Our equipment first needs a place to sit. While professionally built carts are an option, any sturdy base can work!
  • Cord management. Ideally, we would put a hole that is 6 centimeters (about 2 inches) into our table for the cords to go down into or we can manage as best we can.
  • Water Reservoir. When it comes to water, using the reservoir is the best option for quick service. Keep portable containers of filtered water on hand. If we fill the tank as soon as the blue light starts to blink the machine won’t skip a beat.
  • Plumb-in kit. Some people want to plumb-in their Linea Mini which always comes with the reservoir installed. It can be converted to plumb-in with a kit sold separately. It is recommended to work with a local espresso technician to complete this transformation because there are a lot of small details involved. If the machine has been connected to a water line, it must be connected to a drain hose as well. In other words, if we plumb in, we need to plumb out as well.
  • Undercounter water system. Only needed if our machine is plumbed in. This consists of a freshwater tank filled with filtered water, a larger wastewater tank and an external pump to keep the line pressure stable going to the machine.
  • Hand and dish washing stations. We will need to have washing stations and a bump bucket close by. Quick rinses can be done by the machine’s hot waterspout and everywhere will be different; we can still plan.

take one step at a time

Putting together a small portable setup will let us be adaptable and self-sufficient, as each event will come with unique requirements.

Voilà, the basic components are all here, but the layout of the bar is next!