linea mini arrivng
a step-by-step guide 

La Marzocco has been manufacturing espresso machines since 1927 in Florence, Italy. The Bambi brothers’ dream of enriching the lives of others with these beautiful machines continues to this day.  

Born from an impressive legacy, the Linea Mini is compact but doesn’t sacrifice performance. Being La Marzocco’s most versatile machine, it’s designed for both home and commercial settings. 

ordering & receiving your la marzocco 

All La Marzocco machines are handmade at the factory in Italy, and each unit is put through a quality control process before shipping out. When Minis arrive in Auckland, our team of technicians test them again in a process that we call bench-testing. After placing an order, customers will receive an email confirming their purchase, then an email with the tracking and shipping information when the machine ships. The Linea Mini will be intentionally packaged and secured with plastic bands holding the small pallet and box all together

  • Connectable double spout attachment  
  • Connectable single spout attachment  
  • Cleaning solution 
  • 12 oz Pitcher 
  • PEEK polymer and stainless-steel steam wand tips 
  • Power cord 
  • Installation guide/user guide 
looking at delivery of linea mini

set up your linea mini 

After unboxing the machine (you’ll need a sharp tool to cut the bands off the box to remove it from the pallet), here are a few simple steps to get your new Linea Mini up and running.  

Step 1  

Connect the power cord.  

Step 2  

Fill the machine with water. Remember to use water that meets La Marzocco specifications. Check the manual for more details.  

Step 3  

Turn on the power switch.   

Step 4  

The blue light will blink when the reservoir needs water, and the red light will blink when the coffee boiler is heating up. Wait about 10 minutes to allow the Linea Mini to be ready to brew and 25 minutes for full steam capacity. Once both the red and blue lights are solid, espresso can be brewed.  

Linea Mini unboxed

owning a linea mini 

And so, our adventure through the world of coffee continues. And for those of us who go through the twists and turns that build enough enthusiasm for coffee that we bring home a Linea Mini are laying the foundation for something more than just a hobby. 

This is the next step in our journey, the Linea Mini is an espresso icon, found at the heart of countertops around the world. We want to hear about your coffee aspirations!  

Questions? Book a consultation with our La Marzocco Home Sales Team.