linea micra gasket

a simple how-to guide for la marzocco espresso machines

How to replace the group gasket | The group gasket comes in both rubber & silicon, and will suffer wear over time, eventually drying out and becoming brittle. This deterioration affects its flexibility and sealing ability, signalling the time for replacement. Being one of the most frequently replaced items, gasket maintenance is integral to the smooth operation of a machine. This guide, along with our “How to Replace the Shower Screen & Gasket” video, provides detailed instructions for gasket replacement.

how to replace the group gasket

Replacing the gasket is not only a standard part of espresso machine ownership, but it also marks the first step towards the machine’s annual preventative maintenance check, ensuring the machine continues to function at its highest capacity.

difficulty level: easy

tools required:
rubber ring for replacement

Safety First: Start by turning off the espresso machine and disconnecting it from the power source. Allow the machine to cool down completely, a process that typically takes approximately two hours.

Remove Diffuser Screw & Screen: Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the diffuser screw and shower screen.

removing old screen

Remove Old Gasket: With the help of the gasket pick, insert the point into the gasket and pull it out. Be aware that an older gasket may be brittle and could break off into pieces.

remove old gasket

Clean Bayonet Ring: Clean after the gasket removal, use a microfiber towel to wipe out the groove, ensuring that no remnants of the old gasket are left behind.

Install Gasket: Proceed by placing a new gasket into the group head, ensuring the flat side is facing up into the machine and the beveled side is directed downwards. (Refer to this photo for orientation). Do note, if you are replacing it with a rubber gasket, be sure to add a thin layer of molykote (food safe silicone grease) to the flat side of the gasket before inserting it into the machine.

push new gasket in

Seat Gasket: Use the back of the gasket pick to push the gasket into the groove.

Secure: The process is completed by inserting the portafilter into the bayonet ring a few times, akin to the usual process of sealing the portafilter into place. The rim of the basket should engage with the gasket to seat it properly.

all done replacing the gasket