coffee beans in the pico grinder

In the world of espresso, each element in the practice demands attention—but there is one thing that’s often overlooked…the grind. The way that coffee is ground up before going into the machine can either conclude in an enjoyable espresso…or an unpleasant mess. Join us on a home barista’s journey to discover why owning a dedicated, quality espresso grinder is so important.

introducing journeys with pico

“Journeys with Pico” is a guided tour through the intricate landscape of grinding coffee for espresso. This five-part series delves into the essentials and the subtleties, covering topics from the importance of a dedicated espresso grinder to the art of dialling in for both traditional and modern roasts—all explored through the lens of the La Marzocco Pico. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned barista, this series offers valuable insights to elevate your espresso game.

a perfect pairing