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latest app feature updates. march 2024

This update expands users’ control over popular features in the La Marzocco Home App. To explore the latest enhancements, ensure that the machine’s gateway firmware is up to date (3.4-rc5). Then, follow the notifications on the app’s main page, update the machine once more, and get ready to explore!

auto standby logic app feature update
auto standby logic

The new auto-standby logic allows users to instruct machines to go into standby after either a specific time, following the end of brewing an espresso or based off of when the machine was turned on. The specific amount of time is customisable, and makes it an optimal feature for saving energy.

power options update
power options

These new power options will replace the previous weekly schedule in the app. Now, up to 25 different on/off slots are available for machines. This feature also lets users decide whether or not the steam boiler needs to turn on too.

For example: A machine can be set to turn on at 6 am with the steam boiler for a morning cappuccino and then turn off at 7 am while we are at work. It can then be programmed to turn back on at 6 pm, but without activating the steam boiler, for an after-dinner espresso, and automatically turn off for the rest of the night.

rinse mode
rinse mode

Linea Mini’s with serial numbers beginning in ‘MI’ now have a customizable automatic rinse feature. When the brew paddle is toggled back and forth quickly a programmable amount of water will be release from the group head to clean the dispersion screen. The timing can be controlled in the La Marzocco Home App for longer or shorter durations.

daylight saving time management
daylight-saving time management

The latest gateway firmware update includes automatic daylight-saving time management. This allows machines to sync automatically with time zones and be ready for daylight-saving changes. Once a machine has been updated, connect to it “locally” (green line at the top of the screen with the Wi-Fi symbol on the right) to enable this feature.

enhancements to the home

At La Marzocco, we’re constantly working to improve the experience of
our global community of users. We are confident that this latest app update will connect
home machines and baristas in a more seamless way!

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