Linea Micra in white
bring the café home

Most of us started our espresso journey in a café. After all, cafés fill cities around the world, serving coffee each in their own unique ways—a tangible way to immerse yourself not only into the world of espresso, but into the local culture.  Cafés have a way of being at the center of our daily lives, seemingly drawing us in through their doors wherever we go. It’s here that our own espresso journey meets up with another’s, and a brand-new journey begins. Whether your preferred espresso drink is an americano, a cappuccino, or a fancy gelato topped with espresso, we all have a different rhythm when it comes to the coffee that we drink.  

Going out to cafés for amazing coffee is one thing—an experience all on its own. Sometimes, though, we find an espresso so balanced and delicious, it leads to us wanting to re-create that exact same experience ourselves. To find a way to bring the café home. This moment is what the home barista obsessively strives for, and it’s the moment we created the Linea Micra to be there for. 

Journeys with Linea Micra - drinking an espresso

Sometimes, though, we find an espresso so balanced and delicious, it leads to us wanting to re-create that exact same experience ourselves.

the linea micra

There’s an appreciation that comes from creating something with your own hands that is never fully gained by simply consuming a product. Making espresso is as hands-on as it gets, and only becomes more and more enjoyable as you journey deeper into the world of espresso. This combination of manual espresso with the countless hours spent learning and perfecting is the sweet-spot for the home espresso enthusiast, a built-in horizon to travel towards. Beyond that horizon, are the even more beautiful moments spent with close friends and family while sharing an espresso made by hand.

Linea Micra in white

The Linea Micra was made to be at the heart of all of these moments. Designed and crafted by hand to be a compact and easy-to-use home machine with the powerful performance worthy of the La Marzocco name. This machine was designed as a scaled-down version of the Linea Classic S—a machine at the heart of the café experience around the world. The Linea Micra’s dynamic feature set and compact body will allow you to explore the world of espresso from home, and is the perfect machine to begin your new espresso journey.  

After an order has been placed for the Linea Micra, the machine will go through a quality control check before shipping out. Each customer will receive an email with the machine’s shipping and delivery appointment information. The Linea Micra will be well packaged, with plastic bands holding the small pallet and box all together.

Journeys with Linea Micra - La Marzocco Heritage
a new journey

This particular journey begins in a little town called Scarperia, overlooking the Tuscan hills of Florence, Italy. The company, founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, was named La Marzocco after Donatello’s famous sculpture of a seated lion with a shield bearing the symbol of Florence. La Marzocco machines embody the beautiful parts of Italian culture and are interactive sculptures themselves. 

All La Marzocco machines, whether they are for commercial cafes or home cafes, are hand-built at the factory, located in a little town called Scarperia overlooking the Tuscan hills of Florence, Italy.  After being assembled by a team of artisans, our espresso machines are shipped all around the world, to cafés and home baristas alike.

“Journeys with the Linea Micra” is meant to set the stage for the home baristas who are taking the next steps on a new espresso journey. This video series and the accompanying posts will be your espresso tour guide as you learn and grow in your espresso know-how. It’s meant just as much for the beginner home barista as it is for the seasoned espresso pro. After all, the steps to making espresso are simple enough, but maximizing each variable in the process with a quality machine and grinder will take time and practice.  

While this is just the start, we hope you learn a lot from this series. We had a ton of fun creating it, and we’re excited to journey with you and explore the wonderful world of espresso with you.

Let the journey begin.