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tips and tricks for a mobile cart with the linea mini

We must be ready for action when that open sign falls into place! Build a strategy to help with setting up, meeting volume and traveling. Here are some solutions we have found to common issues that you might encounter.

before the event

Things to consider ahead of time.

Espresso Menu for pop up tips and tricks for a mobile cart

small menu
We recommend starting with only one cup size and having that be 250mL or 8oz at the largest. This helps the service to be quicker and more predictable for small set-ups. But we all know that an iced option can become popular during hot months so that could always be an additional add on.

Don’t overwhelm you or your customers. Try offering a small menu all together! For example, cappuccino, latte, americano, espresso and one special drink.

thinking ahead
If the event is going to be busy, we can pre-determine whether we need to serve single espressos instead of doubles by splitting the shots.

Don’t forget about a point of sales system to charge at events.

multitasking tools
We can always add the Brew-by-weight scale to our flow with the Linea Mini as we juggle the many tasks of a barista behind the bar.

during the event

Adaptive things to pivot to during service when it starts to get busy.

double portafilters
The two portafilter system is a fantastic way to keep shots pulling back-to-back. While one shot is being brewing, the other portafilter is being prepped for the next shot. If we are not very busy it is best to only use one portafilter and keep it in the group head of the machine to stay hot.

milk sharing
Just like with splitting shots we can share milk too. Steam enough milk for two drinks at once in a larger 600ml jug. Put half of the steamed milk into a smaller 360ml jug and set aside while pouring the first drink.

hot water tower
Having a separate hot water tower is very useful. This reserves the power of the steam and coffee boiler in our machine for espresso and milk and so remains stable throughout busy service.

after the event

Things to be aware of when packing up after an event is over.

traveling with the linea mini
When traveling with an espresso machine, draining the steam boiler for the move makes the machine much lighter and helps keep the water inside the boilers fresh.

Moving our machine around also means we need to be mindful of freezing temperatures as a frozen machine must be repaired.

we want to hear from you

Let us know what tips and tricks you find out on the road! We love hearing the inventive solutions to things that pop up around mobile coffee life!

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