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Just as a masterfully-crafted espresso machine is composed of many intricate, skillfully designed parts that come together, so too does the home barista’s expertise meld into one pivotal moment when they decide to take the thing they love and share it with others…

the linea mini’s heritage is deeply tied to the early days of espresso—a time when visionaries and innovators utilised the prowess and portability of espresso machines to bring their own dreams to life.

The journey of the home barista is a continuation of that journey. From the very first “a-ha!” coffee moment, through years of learning and practicing, to the moment a new espresso machine arrives at the doorstep, the excitement of pulling a first shot, the countless weekend mornings perfecting a routine and flow—each step in the process is the start of a new journey.

The Linea Mini was created to be a tool for those who dream of crafting the perfect espresso for themselves and others, and was built to be a companion for espresso adventures at home and beyond.